About us

About Us

THE BOUTIQUE ROSALES HOTEL, is a hotel out of the schemes, inspired by a concept based on the most marked years of our times with the artists of the cinema who have left indelible traces in our memory, is for Such reason that we decided to revive this concept to never leave it again.



Overcoming all expectations of all our customers, going beyond simple satisfaction with an excellent and effective service attitude and focus on the total well-being of all their needs and desires, we will work together with our Team, so each customer who visits us has a different and unique experience.

Our efforts will be focused on personalized attention, dependencies and clean.



In the short term we expect to be a stable, efficient, secure and committed company with sustainability and community. We must meet our customer´s expectations so they can take an unforgettable memory of their stay in our Hotel.



- Respect:

We value and recognize people. We encourage good treatment and good relations.


We work looking for the highest standards of quality and performance in the service to contribute to the comfort and comfort of our guest.


We are responsible for the well-being, tranquility and good rest of our guests, so we have qualified personnel to give you an unforgettable experience.



This building was restored to become a haven of tranquility, with comfortable spaces that invite you to rest and that evoke the tranquility and freshness, characteristics of the old houses of the center of the city, with the exclusive service of a modern boutique hotel. The decoration introduces the guest to spacious rooms and cozy spaces, which will make you rest comfortably.